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Female Fake Taxi is a re-imagining of the very popular reality porn site Fake Taxi, where horny male cab drivers offer free rides to hot women in exchange for sex. Well, this time around, it’s the women who are doing the driving, and the negotiating. Actually, it’s not so much a negotiation as an ultimatum. “Fuck me or get your broke ass out of my cab” is pretty much the gist of it. The latest update features a blonde MILF by the name of Rebecca who picks up a construction worker at the side of the road. His van has broken down and he’s desperate for a lift but he doesn’t have any cash on him. She tells him not to worry, they can work something out. But little does he know, she doesn’t want his money, she just wants his dick, deep in her pussy. She tells him she wants to fuck. He says he’s married, but that just turns her on even more. She pulls over, and gets in the back with him. She pulls out her tits and grabs his dick. At this point, he can no longer resist her advances. You’ll find this scene and many others with similar erotic story lines once you sign up. And with the cheap deals we’ve arranged, you’ll save yourself a pretty penny while you’re at it.

When you enter the member’s area you will find a growing collection of 720p HD porn videos featuring sexy female cab drivers who are hungry for some cock. This member’s area is super easy to navigate and is essentially laid out like the popular adult tube sites. You can watch scenes directly inside the member’s area or you’ll have the option of downloading in MP4 format so you’ll have your own copy of the video. You can easily access the member’s area on your desktop, mobile, tablet, basically any device you happen to be using so long as it has an internet connection. This is a brand new site, so while there are only 16 videos available at the moment, the archive is growing quickly due to a frequent update schedule.

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  • The tables have been turned and now the women are in the driver’s seat!
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